About Us

Our story...

My baking memories go back as far as my childhood. From picking our fresh wimberries from The Keepers on a Saturday to the pies that came after lunch on a Sunday, I loved my weekends with my nan. We'd regularly bake Welsh cakes on the bakestone, make apple pies and baked our annual Christmas cakes for the family. Such fond memories.

These memories are what inspired me to continue the baking when I had my own children.

My first cake was made for my eldest son's 3rd Birthday back in 2009. It was not photo worthy, but I was so proud of what I'd created. I didn't do much baking between this time and 2014 for our 2nd child's 1st birthday. In the same year, our 3rd child made an appearance. She is such a creative girl, whether it's her artwork on the bedroom walls or painting a mountain of pictures for the fridge (seriously, we could paper the house with the amount of these). She also shows a huge interest in decorating cakes. So, I decided to set up a small business with the name 'THE FLOUR GIRLS' in the hope that in years to come, she would continue in her mummy's footsteps

In March 2018, my biggest fan, best friend and the person who believed in my most of all, my mum, passed away. To keep myself busy, I baked - a lot!

March 2019

The bakes became even more frequent with the children being in school and baking supplies slowly took over the house. I decided to take the plunge and open a cake shop within the local heritage town of Blaenavon. The intention was to have a base for my celebration cakes and to be able to sell a few cupcakes and brownies during the day from the daily counter.

June 2019

The Flour Girls a husband and wife team (yes, the hubby is a fully-fledged Flour Girl). We own and run a bakery baking fresh bread to old school puddings daily. We also make fresh baguettes, homemade pasties, homemade pies, homemade pizza... you name it! We absolutely love what we do and couldn't imagine our lives being any different even if we did have more sleep when we had new born babies!

February 2021

Our business has grown since opening the shop and we've expanded our range of bakes. Since lockdown, our little shop has been closed so we've been offering home deliveries. So, we thought there would be no better time to rebrand and show exactly what we are, O'Connell's Family Bakery.

June 2021

With recent news that we need to find new shop premises, we will be relocating to Abergavenny in the next couple of months!